New To Vibrators?! Here is a guide just for you!

New To Vibrators?! Here is a guide just for you!

New to self- love on a sexual level? OR just dying to get a new vibrator & do not know where to start? Lets learn how to make your vibrator a healthy part of your masturbatory life.

Your First Vibrator

Vibrators create much more intense stimulation than fingers, tongues, or penises can. If you’ve never had an orgasm before, you may find it easier to have your first one with a vibrator. If you’re regularly able to orgasm in other ways, you may find your orgasms to be much more intense when they’re coming from a vibrator. .

In purchasing your first vibrator, my first recommendation is that you make an investment. You may be tempted to buy something cheap if you’ve never used a sex toy before, but I really think you’re better served saving up your pennies to buy a high-quality product. t.

How to Use it for the First Time

 This is going to be fun! Gently stroke all over your body, and spend some time caressing your labia and clitoris with your fingers.
I suggest using your vibrator in conjunction with lube, which will help your toy glide gently across your clitoris instead of tugging at it. If you have a silicone toy, you want to avoid silicone lubes, which can break down your new purchase. I recommend 
Jo H2O Cooling Water Based Lube
 It’s a water-based lube (safe for silicone toys!) that has the same wonderful texture as a silicone lube.
Now, it’s time to grab your vibrator! Turn it on to the lowest power setting, and gently touch it to the surface of your clitoris. Clits vary wildly in their sensitivity, so it’s best to start super soft. If even the lowest setting is too much for you, try holding the vibrator against your labia, so that it’s not touching your clitoris directly. Put a towel or blanket between you and your toy. If you need more intensity, gradually increase the speed settings.
Play with where you like the vibration, too.
Once you’ve found a good speed, try messing with the vibration pattern settings on your vibrator (if it has them). Cycle through all of your options, and try to find the ones that you like best. I
It’s good to give yourself time to play around with different speeds and settings, but once you’re ready to orgasm, you’ll want to stick with your favorite settings. 

Your Long-Term Commitment with your Vibrator

There are going to be other women out there who would like to orgasm from a variety of stimulation. If that’s the case for you, just be moderate in your vibrator usage. If you’ve never had a non-vibrator orgasm, try tucking your vibrator into your bedside table for a while and orgasm in many ways!
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