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Every Order Includes A Sexual Health & Consent Guide

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Visionary Statment

Our vision is to spread awareness of sexual health, information and freedom of our sexuality. 

Your sexuality should be celebrated.

You are entitled to release your vulnerability through intimacy whether you are alone, with a partners and/or with multiple partners.

 I strive for our vision to become your reality.

  • Why Chose Us?

  • Cost-effective

    Everyone should have access to sexual pleasure devices, and infomation on sexual health and consent.

  • Accessible

    Our inventory consists of products that range from beginner to experts!

  • Product Quality

    Our product go through inspection and disinfection to insure you have clean reliable products.

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Through my own experiences & the future I want for my daughter, I hope to remove the stigma topic in sexual pleasure, adult toys & sexual information. In this generation, sex is all around us either glamorized or weaponized. We need to be transparent & bluntly honesty when it comes to the emotion, physical, mental, and spiritually effects of healing our sexual energies.

-CEO, Calandra Evans

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